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Extraordinary outcomes occur when two powerful entities come together and create unparalleled results that are truly exceptional. Ginger and Fred. Luke and Leia. Mac and Cheese. These Iconic pairings are remembered for being unparalleled, bold and their imprint transcends time.

And just like those iconic collaborations, TCGi has created remarkable outcomes with our clients, partners and teammates for over 15 years that include:

  • Technology Solutions that directly increase our valued clients’ bottom line
  • Global Cost Savings Solutions that create sustainable efficiencies and create competitive advantage
  • Emerging Consulting Services and Solutions that radically accelerate time to market, while disrupting the status quo

Many believe that strength lies in numbers, and indeed, there is  some truth to that. At TCGi, we know that real power emerges when powerful partners align and create win-wins. It is not a stroke of luck or coincidence; for us, it’s intentional, it’s methodical, and it’s our core value –“Deliver Value on Day 1!”


Procurement Solutions

Procurement Solutions

- Tail Spend Management ​

- Data Analysis

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Value Added Reseller

Value Added Reseller

- Extensive Product Catalog​

- Asset Management

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Professional Services​

Professional Services​

- IT and Management Consulting ​

- Automation

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Workforce of the Future​

Workforce of the Future​

- Organizational Change Management ​

- Talent Management

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ESG is in our DNA


TCGi uses IT solutions that reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. For example, cloud computing can reduce the need for on-premises hardware, which can help reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Similarly, the implementation of energy-efficient hardware, such as servers and data centers, can help organizations reduce their carbon footprint.​


Long before the global social climate blurred the lines between social responsibility and profitability, TCGi’s commitment as a trailblazer in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion was evident in the marketplace. For us, these ideals and core values were never mutually exclusive. Our CEO and our entire leadership team have committed to our core value of being mission centric while also delivering enterprise-wide solutions to our customers.
In 2021 the TCGi Foundation was launched. Our charter to empower the next generation of Black Women Tech leaders is specifically addressing the gross under-representation of Black women in IT and Engineering. To date, the TCGi Foundation has endowed over $80,000 in scholarships supporting 9 women in 4-years, Master’s and Doctorate Studies.

Additionally, the TCGi Foundation offers mentoring programs, Intern Programs, will host its first annual Hackathon, and more. For more information on how you can join us visit


While traditional governance remains important for ESG focused organizations, TCGi helps our environmentally and socially committed companies to skillfully manage the specific and critical measurements and controls that create and sustain:
  • A culture that prioritizes employee well-being and diversity
  • Risk management and compliance that aligns and accelerates their E & S goals and objectives
  • Accountability and Transparency related to their stakeholders, suppliers and government
  • Decision Making and Strategic planning and Operations that incorporate sustainability for both environmental and social outcomes
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