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TCGi is a leader in delivering best-in-class Procurement and Supply Chain solutions.  We help our customers achieve their strategic objectives of streamlining processes, shrinking bloated supply chains, driving cost savings and risk mitigation, and increasing the utilization of diverse suppliers, among others. 

How do we drive value in this pillar?

  • We take the time to fully understand each customer’s environment, processes, and spend history. By doing a deep-dive assessment of their historical spend data, we identify gaps, redundancies, ineffective supplier interactions, poor contract compliance, overspending, and opportunities for improvement.
  • We categorize each supplier into our proprietary ABCD matrix and recommend ways to consolidate, eliminate, and increase utilization of diverse businesses.
  • We leverage AI to deliver the most effective ways of sourcing goods and services on behalf of our customers, providing full visibility of every transaction.
  • We provide robust tracking and reporting on metrics that are important to each customer.
  • The savings and efficiency gains we deliver produce a rapid ROI, typically within the first 6 months.

Value Added Reseller

As a leading professional services provider, our value-added reseller (VAR) services stand out for their comprehensive approach to technology solutions. We pride ourselves on our ability to integrate software, hardware, and specialized services tailored to the unique requirements of our clients. Our holistic approach ensures that we not only deliver top-tier products but also an experience that enhances our clients’ operational capabilities, drives innovation, and maximizes their return on technology investments.

Over the years, our accomplishments have consistently been a testament to our commitment to excellence and the trust our clients place in us. We’ve successfully partnered with industry-leading manufacturers, ensuring that our customers always have access to cutting-edge technology. Our track record includes numerous large-scale implementations, efficient system upgrades, and the seamless introduction of new digital solutions for a diverse range of businesses. These accomplishments not only highlight our technical prowess but also underscore our dedication to fostering lasting partnerships and ensuring customer success.

Professional Services

Our goal in providing a broad set of unique services to our clients is to enable their needs and projects with industry experience and proven methodologies to drive success in their engagements. TCGI has a focused set of services based on our customers’ needs and our knowledge of the industries we serve along with our highly experienced professional consultants.

Embracing The Future Now

For most organizations moving at the speed of business has always been a daunting task. Creating meaningful solutions that clearly differentiate your company’s product or service in the marketplace has long been the benchmark for success. Then COVID happened and not only ushered in the most significant disruption in history, but it also created an unforeseen shift that no one predicted… it forced the humanization of business. What looked like a post-COVID experiment is proving to be more than just the temporary aftermath of a global pandemic. As we enter this post-pandemic reality, the future of work is becoming one of the most revolutionary changes for global business.

At TCGi we are not just paying homage to this much needed shift, we are helping our clients to leverage this focus on human capital management while attracting and retaining high performers to our clients’ cultural climate. This creates unparalleled monetization because where people feel valued and seen, profits soar. The business case is clear, and the results are undeniable.  Talent is the new currency for global corporations, and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Environment, Social Responsibility and Governance will be at the epicenter of progressive companies embarking on this evolution.

The POWER of US is our multi-dimensional proprietary set of solutions and services that incorporates the inevitable intersection of technology, innovation, and humanness. Our suite of integrated solutions includes the following:

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Our works

Connection has forged a formidable partnership with the TCGI team. Together, we are actively assisting clients in achieving their IT needs while fulfilling their DEI obligations. We are thrilled and eagerly anticipating the boundless opportunities that lie ahead in the future with the power of us.
-President, Enterprise Solutions Group
We have worked with TCGi for several years and have found their exceptional service and product offerings to be second to none. If you have an opportunity to work with the team at TCGi you will not be disappointed.
-Supplier Diversity Director
I have known Avis Yates Rivers and TCGi for many years, and over that time, I have advocated for the inclusion of TCGi in procurement opportunities whenever possible, because I believe in Avis and the company. Since joining American Water six years ago that advocacy carries forward. Just over two years ago TCGi was given an opportunity to compete for our Value-Added Reseller (VAR) project. Prior to making the decision to identify a VAR, American Water worked directly with the manufacturer for the purchase of software and hardware equipment. TCGi was given the opportunity to compete and has proven to be a fantastic partner by delivering cost savings, inventory management and an improved total cost of ownership. This project has resulted in a true value proposition for American Water and TCGi. Avis is a client-driven professional with an eye on delivering to customer needs. TCGi represents all that is right in the industry.
-Sr. Manager, Supplier Diversity​
We engaged TCGi to perform assessments for our firm on two occasions. TCGi's leadership and team was consistently engaged, willing to adapt to our needs, and showed a higher order of professionalism we all ask for but rarely find.
-Chief Strategic Officer & COO
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (“CHOP”) has been partnered with TCGi for over a year. They are professional, customer-centric, forward-thinking, and offer IT solutions that meet the ever-changing demand of CHOP’s healthcare system and we are completely satisfied with their performance. Avis Yates Rivers is a true visionary and rock star! I am happy to recommend and refer the services of TCGi.
-Manager, Supplier Diversity

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