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At TCGi, we take immense PRIDE in the caliber of individuals that make up our team and the UNPARALLED PERFORMANCE standards we uphold. Our unwavering DEDICATION TO EXCELLENCE extends far beyond our internal operations, finding its truest expression in the SOLUTIONS we deliver daily to our esteemed clients. This COMMITMENT is the bedrock upon which our reputation as a TRUSTED resource has been built, a trust our clients can consistently rely upon.​

We endeavor to create an environment of excellence. We are firm in our vision to attract the finest TALENT across diverse disciplines, equipping our organization to deliver nothing less than TOP-TIER SOLUTIONS to our clients. We promise to consistently raise the bar, both internally and externally, to set new industry standards and EXCEED THE EXPECTATIONS of those we serve.​

Join us on our journey as we reshape the IT landscape, setting a new precedent for what it means to be a leader in INNOVATION, QUALITY, and COMMITMENT. TCGi is not just a name; it’s a promise of excellence.



TCGi uses IT solutions that reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. For example, cloud computing can reduce the need for on-premises hardware, which can help reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Similarly, the implementation of energy-efficient hardware, such as servers and data centers, can help organizations reduce their carbon footprint.​

Diversity matters. Organizations with greater diversity enjoy superior innovation, solve complex problems better and faster, and have higher team productivity. Tech companies led by women delivered higher revenues using less capital and are more likely to survive transitions from startup to established company (Source: NCWIT). Furthermore, our TCGi Foundation prioritizes support through women in tech through scholarship, mentorship, career entry and advancement, to address the present diversity gap.

TCGi recognizes the importance of governance and ensures that we enable our clients manage their data and information in a secure and compliant manner to protect the privacy of their customers and employees and improve communication, collaboration, and engagement with stakeholders. ​



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